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Michigan's Most Creative Mortgage Company Needs more GREAT LOAN OFFICERS LikeYou ...and we offer SAME DAY PAY.


1.    Y   N       With the rapid decline of options available to mortgage brokers would you feel safer working with a company like Success Mortgage Partners, that is an FHA approved direct mortgage lender with the abillity of underwriting and closing mortgages in our own name?

2.   Y   N        Is your compensation check properly documented and  explained in detail?

3.   Y   N        Do you have  a strong interest in the rapidly expanding reverse mortgage market?

4.   Y   N        As a loan officer, would you like to be paid the same day of funding?

5.   Y   N        Could you close more loans and earn more income if you had significant input in pricing?

6.   Y   N        Is your opinion valued?

7.   Y   N        In your current position, is your contribution to the office's success truly appreciated?

8.   Y   N        Could you benefit from an in house FHA Direct Endorsed Underwriter?

9.   Y   N        Do you have a 401K Program?

10. Y   N        Do you understand that if you work for a broker instead of a banker that you would need to have a seperate sheet signed with the YSP indicating the total dollars received on the transaction.

11. Y   N        Would you rather work with a company where you don't compete with your manager for loans and where management's primary goal is to assist in your success?

12. Y   N        Do you have reasonable, open, and positive communications with company management?

13. Y   N        Could you make a contribution to our existing foreign language speaking employees by adding to the additional languages spoken?

14. Y   N        Would you want to explore opportunities for increased income?

15. Y   N        Would you like to work with a mortgage company that can solve title problems with the availability of two attorneys on staff?

16. Y   N        Are you ready to secure your place as a professional loan officer with a company that possess sound financial security?

17. Y   N        Are you interested in taking positive, favorable action now to increase your income, reduce your stress, and restructure your career where you are given support and advantages you deserve?