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SMP is committed to providing nationwide mortgage professionals with a unique, family first-oriented work environment. Joining SMP is the beginning of an exceptional career experience, where we accelerate growth, recognize success, and make dreams come true. Your journey to success starts here!

This is what Success sounds like

Kyla Whitmore

"They are constantly focused on what I need to be doing in my business to be better..."

Ken Prost

"They invest in our success, technology, and goals..."

Becca Lang

"We just wanted to reach out to let you know that Stephanie C. has been exceptional to work with. Her communication is amazing and she is so pleasant when helping us work through files! Many kudos to her! We are thankful to have her as an Underwriter!"

Chrystal Searcy

"Over the past several weeks, I’ve learned how much talent my new co-workers possess.  You’ve impressed me with your knowledge and ability to handle my loan files and I want to say THANK YOU!  Please be aware that I’m still on a learning curve as to where my job ends and yours begins.  If I cross over into your lane, tell me to get back on my side and let you do your job.  😊   I need you to force me to let go and move onto other tasks.   I have my job and you have yours…and you are good at what you do.   I’m liking my new Team!  I appreciate each one you and look forward to the months ahead.  Thank you again for all of your help during my transition."

Join Our Team of Talented Mortgage Advisors

Culture and Leadership: Picture this: a work vibe where teamwork’s the name of the game, where your ideas matter, and where leaders have your back. We’re all about growth and making sure everyone’s contributions get the spotlight they deserve.

Competitive Perks: We’re not just about the work—we love rewarding excellent performance. Think sweet incentives and designing your commission structure that’ll make you want to hustle even more.

Product Selection: Think of it as having a variety of loan options available whenever you need them. We’ve got a wide range of loan products that clients love. Having more choices means closing more deals—plain and simple!

Tech Magic: We’ve invested big bucks in our tech—seriously, top-notch stuff no one else has. This tech-savvy environment isn’t just cool; it’s a game-changer. We’re talking tools that make your job easier, speed up processes, and give clients a top-notch experience.

Training and Support: When you join us, you’re not left to swim on your own. Our team’s all about your success, from teaching you the ropes to giving you killer sales coaching. Seamless transition? Check!

Rock-Solid Rep: Reputation and stability? We’ve got that nailed. On day one, you step into a company known for its integrity, rock-solid rep, and history that screams success.

Helping Mortgage Loan Officers find the path to a fulfilling life.

Are you frustrated by the amount of work you put in versus the amount of income you take home? Learn to maximize your income, enjoy more freedom, and live the life you want to live. Grow your business strategically and improve client retention. Share some information, and let’s get in touch.

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