Partners Making a Difference (PMAD) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports various charitable causes. Their mission is to bridge the resource gap and help children and families in need. Click to learn more about what Partners Making A Difference is and how giving back isn’t just a program, it’s part of our culture.

Through various fundraising efforts within our own Success Mortgage Partners family team members, Partners Making a Difference raises funds to adopt a family in need every holiday season and throughout the year. In previous years, PMAD has also collected and bought shoes, backpacks, and jackets for elementary students.

Partners Making a Difference began working with Folds of Honor in 2022. Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen and disabled service members. By supporting Folds of Honor, Partners Making a Difference ensures that the families of these heroes receive financial aid for their education, and this partnership strengthens their collective impact on underserved communities.

Success Mortgage Partners, with the efforts of Partners Making a Difference, also works with Camp Sweeney. Camp Sweeney focuses on helping children with type 1 diabetes. Through this partnership, Partners Making a Difference donates to a pool of resources that provides tuition for children so that they can access proper medical supplies, support, and education, in a summer camp environment allowing them to manage their condition effectively, be with others that share their condition, and participate fully with like-minded kids. Camp Sweeney helps children with type 1 diabetes feel “normal” while engaging in fun and educational summer activities.

Founded in 2016, Partners Making a Difference has raised over $150,000.00!

Partners Making a Difference Supports Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities for families of military members who have been killed or disabled while on active duty. During our 2022 Sales Conference, Partners Making a Difference raised north of $50,000.00 for the cause.

Partners Making a Difference Supports Camp Sweeney

Success Mortgage Partners held their annual Sales Conference in South Carolina in the Fall of 2021. Partners Making Difference chose Camp Sweeney as the recipient of many generous donations. Camp Sweeney is a summer camp for children with Type 1 diabetes. A diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes changes the life of a child forever. Days filled with school, sports, and activities are quickly replaced by blood tests, insulin injections, and carbohydrate calculations. Every step required to manage their diabetes is a step away from what children see as “normal.” But at Camp Sweeney, Type 1 diabetes is normal. And when diabetes disappears, every camper can show what makes them special, not what makes them different.

Partners Making a Difference - Christmas after a house fire

Thanks to PMAD, after a house fire destroyed everything, they own on November 29th, this family who has fostered children for over 20 years, is able to make Christmas Dinner and continue to cook for all who come to their table. To say they were overwhelmed and beyond thankful is an understatement. We will never know how many lives will be impacted by the generous donation from Partners Making a Difference.

Adopt a Family

We adopted a foster family with 8 kids. They will have a very special Christmas. Thank you PMAD. They appreciated our support so very much.

Backpacks for the kids of South Lake

July of 2021 brought the fine people in and around South Lake as well as Partners Making a Difference members together to pack 3000 backpacks for the kids in South Lake.

Partners Making a Difference members with First Responders supporting Autism Awareness Day

Conrad Weiser East Elementary with First Responders and members supporting PMAD gathered to support and raise awareness of Autism in Wernersville, PA

Dine-out is in!

In February of 2021, Partners Making a Difference created a contest to support local restaurants as COVID-19 restrictions began to ease. So many local businesses and restaurants were shut down or forced to operate within very strict limitations effecting the livelihood of so many.

Ronald McDonald House – Give a Hand

Partner's Making a Difference is excited to announce that we will be participating in a day of service from April 18th to April 26th! We have invited all our SMP and Title Partner branches to provide a meal to the families staying at their local Ronald McDonald house that week. Having a child in the hospital can be challenging for any family. Cooking a meal for themselves is the last thing they want to think about after sitting by their child’s bedside all day. Coming home to a home-cooked meal is something the families greatly appreciate, and we can't wait to give these deserving families a hand with their day-to-day challenges.