If you’re looking to buy a condominium, there are different types of loans available to help you with your purchase. Success Mortgage Partners provides condo loan programs, including Jumbo Loans, designed specifically for buying high-value condos up to $3.0 million.

When you choose Success Mortgage Partners, you can access a wide range of condo loan options. We understand the unique aspects of buying a condo, and our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the loan process, from application to closing. We have in-house experts who specialize in condo loans, ensuring you receive the support you need to make your condo purchase a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a smaller condo or a luxury property, our condo loan programs can cater to your specific needs. With Success Mortgage Partners, you can enjoy a hassle-free condo buying experience, knowing that you can access comprehensive loan offerings and a dedicated team of professionals to guide you through every step.

Condo Financing:

Finding financing for a condominium has become more accessible than ever before. With our diverse selection of loan products, condo buyers of various financial backgrounds and preferences can explore their options. We offer condo financing that accommodates different locations, down payment requirements, and unique qualifying factors. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our flexible condo financing solutions can help you achieve your homeownership goals. Please take advantage of our range of loan products and discover the possibilities available to you in the condo market.

What is a condo?

A condo refers to an individual unit within a larger condominium project. Each condo owner holds legal ownership of their specific unit and a shared interest in the common areas of the project. In some instances, owners may also have exclusive rights to limited common areas. When applying for a loan, it is essential for the condo to fulfill not only the general loan requirements but also meet specific criteria. These criteria include meeting real estate specifications, adhering to conditions set by the homeowners’ association (HOA), and complying with development and ownership rules. The condo becomes eligible for various types of loans by satisfying these requirements.

Condo Financing with Success Mortgage Partners is included in these programs:

  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Conventional

  • VA for eligible military

  • FHA Government

  • USDA rural home loan program