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We are a family of trusted mortgage professionals who, through high integrity, take pride in creating lifelong relationships by dedicating ourselves to your mortgage needs. We offer the assistance you need to help in all of your mortgage endeavors. Whether you are consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, or buying your first house, we have the expertise to make it a fast, easy, and enjoyable process.

 Photo of Vince Lee

Vince Lee, Founding Partner

Vincent Lee has been in the real estate industry for over six decades. During those sixty-plus years, Vince has worked in many facets of the real estate industry. Starting off as a real estate salesperson, and then as a real estate appraiser trainee with the FHA, Vince then became a staff and fee appraiser for the Veteran’s Administration and the FHA. He then moved on to manage an appraisal branch for a large savings and loan. After a few years, Vince became an entrepreneur by starting his own real estate brokerage. At the same time, he became a real estate investor by purchasing residential real estate on traffic streets with rezoning possibilities. Vince was recruited and accepted an assignment as a senior vice president, regional manager, with Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Michigan. A short time later, Vince returned to real estate appraising and quickly established one of the top two largest real estate appraising firms in Michigan.

Vince is currently a principal partner in Title Partners, a large Michigan Title Agency. In addition, for the past twenty years, he has been a cofounder and partner of Success Mortgage Partners, an independent mortgage bank that has expanded from its Michigan roots to now servicing forty-two states and the District of Columbia. He currently is the head of the Department of Sunshine and Rainbows and lives by this mantra each day. Vince also enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine.


Photograph of Owen Lee

Owen Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Owen is the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. (SMP), located in Plymouth, Michigan. In collaboration with his father, Vincent, Owen founded SMP in 2002, and SMP has closed billions of dollars of mortgage loans yearly since 2016. Under his leadership, SMP has become licensed in forty-two states and has over 600 employees. Owen is also the Managing Member of Title Partners, LLC, a full-service title insurance and escrow services agency also located in Plymouth, Michigan.

A seasoned professional in the mortgage and financial sectors, Owen’s expertise extends beyond SMP. Owen is very active in the National Mortgage Bankers Association, currently holding three leadership roles: Co-Chair of the Independent Mortgage Bankers Executive Council, member of the Board of Directors, and 2023-24 Chairman of MORPAC. MORPAC is the MBA’s national political action committee, which has historically raised millions of dollars to support candidates and members of the United States Congress who support the housing and finance industry. Owen is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Mortgage Collaborative’s Technology Fund, a venture capital investment group specializing in the mortgage technology space. He also sits on the Board of Directors of TrAIned, a mortgage technology firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Owen graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the College of Arts and Sciences, Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania. Also, he graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University School of Law.

Owen currently holds memberships and affiliations, including the State Bar of Michigan, State Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mortgage Bankers Association, Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association, Lenders One, The Mortgage Collaborative, and the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

Owen lives in Northville, Michigan, with his wife Heather, and they have three children: Maura, Patrick, and Declan. Owen’s additional passion is that he also serves on the Board of Directors of Camp Sweeney, the largest summer camp for children with Type-1 Diabetes in the world. Camp Sweeney is located in Whitesboro, Texas, and last summer served over 700 children from 30 different states.

Kevin Broughton, Chief Recruiting & Retention Officer

Kevin started his career as a RE/MAX real estate agent in 1995 and served as Regional Director for RE/MAX in Michigan from 2001 to 2005. In 2005, Kevin left RE/MAX (an organization he loved) because he had a passion for finance and thought the mortgage industry would be a great fit. He purchased his shares in Success Mortgage Partners (SMP), a nationwide mortgage lender headquartered in Michigan. In 2021, SMP closed more than 3 billion dollars worth of residential mortgages.

Kevin currently serves as the Chief Recruiting and Retention Officer of SMP. In his time in the industry, he has recruited more than 500 commission-based sales professionals. He has created a dynamic coaching platform based on Clarity, Focus, and Execution.

In 2013, Kevin spearheaded hosting an incredible event 100% focused on sales success, the Success Mortgage Partners Annual Sales Conference. Kevin envisioned it being at various spectacular venues across the country and having it be a true celebration of the sales professionals! Kevin says, “I am proud, every year, to play a small role in watching it come to fruition; it’s really fun!” The sales conferences have occurred in Boston, Marco Island, Charleston, Nashville, Savannah, Chicago, and Detroit.

Photograph of Allison Johnston

Allison Johnston, President

Allison Johnston, a visionary leader with a profound understanding of the mortgage industry, has risen to prominence as a driving force behind Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. (SMP), an Independent Mortgage Bank headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Allison’s journey is marked by a series of remarkable achievements and contributions that have not only propelled her to the presidency of SMP but have also reshaped the landscape of mortgage banking.

Allison’s remarkable odyssey in the mortgage sector began in 2013 when she joined the ranks of Success Mortgage Partners. However, her connection to the industry spans over 30 years, amassing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight.

Allison was bestowed with the prestigious title of President of Success Mortgage Partners in 2019. This appointment underscored her exceptional leadership qualities and her pivotal role in steering the organization toward new horizons of success.

A standout achievement in Allison’s journey was her attainment of the Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation in 2015. This accolade demonstrates her expertise and underscores her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Allison earned her Master’s Degree in Business Management. Allison is also an instructor for the Mortgage Bankers Association and teaches classes regularly.

Allison’s influence extends beyond her role at SMP. As the Chairwoman of the State of Michigan Governmental Mortgage Industry Advisory Board, she has played a crucial role in shaping industry policies, demonstrating her advocacy for responsible and effective mortgage practices. Her participation in influential organizations like The Mortgage Collaborative, where she holds a Board Member position, and her past Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association presidency further attest to her standing as a luminary in the field. Allison has received several awards, including the Movers & Shakers, Ambassador Award, and Vic Miller Award.

What sets Allison apart is her multifaceted approach to leadership. Her creativity, which is showcased time and again, breathes innovation into SMP’s operations. Her unparalleled talents and approachable demeanor foster a collaborative environment where growth and success flourish.

Allison’s influence transcends state borders. With a Mortgage Loan Officer License spanning 42 states and the District of Columbia, she has extended her expertise and impact across a vast geographic expanse. Under her stewardship, SMP has cemented its presence in these regions, fostering growth and nurturing client relationships.

Today, Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. is a testament to Allison Johnston’s indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication. With a strong presence in 40+ states and the District of Columbia, SMP boasts over 300 employees and a history of accelerated growth. The company has navigated many challenges through Allison’s visionary leadership and thrived in an ever-evolving industry.

Photograph of Madonna Blanchard

Madonna Blanchard, General Counsel

Madonna Blanchard’s career is defined by her unwavering commitment to excellence, remarkable legal insight, and a passion for forging success. As the General Counsel for Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. (SMP), Madonna plays a pivotal role in the company’s legal and compliance division, ensuring that SMP operates within the bounds of the law while fostering its growth and prosperous partnerships.

Madonna’s journey to becoming SMP’s trusted legal guardian was preceded by a distinguished career in the legal field. In her previous professional life, she served as an Assistant Prosecuting Appellate Attorney, where she honed her skills and left an indelible mark on the Michigan legal landscape. Throughout her career, Madonna made an impressive mark with eight appearances before the Michigan Supreme Court and over 180 appearances before the Michigan Court of Appeals. Her contributions to the legal profession are further underscored by the publication of several opinions shaping legal precedents in the state.

Madonna’s tenure at SMP spans over 15 years, making her a cornerstone of the organization’s success. Her innovative approach to legal and compliance matters has ensured SMP’s adherence to regulatory standards and infused fresh perspectives into the company’s operations. Her ability to navigate complex legal landscapes with finesse and dedication to helping SMP’s sales family flourish have made her an indispensable figure within the organization.

Madonna Blanchard’s journey from the courtroom to the boardroom exemplifies the transformative power of legal expertise and dedication to excellence. Her role as SMP’s General Counsel has shaped the company’s legal and compliance division and has been instrumental in guiding its growth and fostering successful partnerships. As a shining light at SMP, Madonna continues illuminating the path to success, offering innovative solutions and unwavering dedication to the organization’s mission. Her remarkable journey is a testament to a passionate and skilled legal professional’s profound impact on an organization’s trajectory.