Vince Lee

Founding Partner

Vincent Lee has been in the real estate industry for over six decades. During those sixty-plus years, Vince has worked in many facets of the real estate industry. Starting off as a real estate salesperson, and then as a real estate appraiser trainee with the FHA, Vince then became a staff and fee appraiser for the Veteran’s Administration and the FHA. He then moved on to manage an appraisal branch for a large savings and loan. After a few years, Vince became an entrepreneur by starting his own real estate brokerage. At the same time, he became a real estate investor by purchasing residential real estate on traffic streets with rezoning possibilities. Vince was recruited and accepted an assignment as a senior vice president, regional manager, with Coldwell Banker Real Estate in Michigan. A short time later, Vince returned to real estate appraising and quickly established one of the top two largest real estate appraising firms in Michigan.

Vince is currently a principal partner in Title Partners, a large Michigan Title Agency. In addition, for the past twenty years, he has been a cofounder and partner of Success Mortgage Partners, an independent mortgage bank that has expanded from its Michigan roots to now servicing forty-two states and the District of Columbia. He currently is the head of the Department of Sunshine and Rainbows and lives by this mantra each day. Vince also enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine.